The computer technology behind it all

For a translation agency, it is more important than ever not only to be represented on the Internet, but also to equip the office with adequate technology. This includes a powerful 100 Mbit network with dual-speed switches and, for the external connection a high-speed business DSL connection.


Of course, safety should not be neglected. If, today, one is accessible to the outside world, it is essential to protect one’s system with a firewall and, with the help of virus protection for hardware and software, to make sure that no e-mail is received or sent unchecked.


However, it is not only one’s own equipment that has to be powerful. If one is connected to the Internet, one needs an Internet provider that offers the possibility of being online safely, quickly and, above all, reliably at any time, and which allows for the forwarding and reception of e-mails of any possible size. Such a platform is offered by Aragon Internet Service and the German company Deutsche Telekom. Here, we want to thank these enterprises for their perfect service.



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